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Sanahin and Haghpat, Armenia

Sanahin is one of the most important historic sites in Armania, its name literally translates from Armenian as “this one is older than that one”, presumably representing a claim to having an older monastery than the neighbouring Haghpat Monastery. The two villages Sanahin and Haghpat and their monasteries are similar in many ways, and lie in plain view of each other on a dissected plateau formation, separated by a canion formed by a small river flowing into the Debed river. The 10th century monasteries are included in the UNESCO World Heritage

The complex belongs to the Armenian Apostolic Church


Haghpat is the village across the canion in the Lori Province of Armenia, located near the city of Alaverdi and the state border with Georgia. It is notable for Haghpat Monastery, a religious complex founded in the 10th century and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List along with monasteries in nearby Sanahin the one above.

Singapore you’re hub to Asia

Turing SW Asia you will most likely stop several times in this amazing city. I love to spend couple of days here whenever opportunity arises.

Incredible tasty and diverse food from all over Asia, Brands shopping, good night life and lots of things to see and do.

Out of season decent 3-4 stars hotels will cost you some 50 USD and 5 star will set u back some 100 or more as a base line. Don’t be worried about distance as long the place is near a metro station. Chinatown is a grate place for affordable but central hotels.

From airport to the center metro is easy, fast and very cheap at only 2.5 $/trip so don’t hesitate.

Eating like a local in Hawker Centers or low cost restaurants will cost you some 6 -12 $ compare to 25-40$ or more in the touristic places.

Alcohol is very expensive in Singapore a beer is 7-12 $ and a cocktail or glass of wine is some 12-20$

From Singapore you can find lots of great deals for flights to SW Asia and Australia.

Have e look at the photos below to get a flavor

Bangladesh the one and only

This is an out of beaten track trip i made with a good friend few months a go.

We didn’t know what to expect and most of the very few information for tourists we found on Bangladesh wore distressing but never the less we went for it.

Once we got to Bangladesh we descovered a beautiful, colorful and unique place. Yes, is poor and dirty but the people of Bangladesh compensated everything.

With vitualy no turism most of the people of Bangladesh never so a living white man on the street so expect to be asked by  young people for a selfy quite often.

Everywhere we went we been welcomed and enjoyed.

If your a group or your not on a tight budget consider the services of a guide and you will save lots of time. We pay for a day in Dhaka some 20$ and for 2 day trip in the country side with a nice modern car and a driver + the guide 140$

We highly recommend Ahsan Manzil our guide in Bangladesh, his phone is ‭01674324243‬.

Here are some pictures:


The Dubai Fountain Show

Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system set on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa Lake, located at the center of the Downtown Dubai development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Most people access the fountain area via Dubai Mall. The fountain consists of a 275 metre long central arc of jets, joined to a smaller arc and 5 circles of jets. When the show begins these powerful jets shoot water sprays to heights of up to 150 metres in harmony with the music and illuminated by over 6,000 powerful lights and 50 colour projectors.

Performances are held every day and last some 5 minutes. Evening shows start at 6 pm and are every half hour until 11 pm. There are also 2 shows in the daytime; at 1 pm and 1.30 pm (1.30 pm and 2 pm on Fridays).  The music accompanying the displays range from contemporary pop to classical. Access to the fountain and shows are completely free and can be seen from various locations around Downtown Dubai.

The most popular spot is the Waterfront Promenade outside the Dubai Mall. Arive before the performance begins as, thousands of people pour out from the mall and the area gets extremely busy when the show starts.

The walkway around Souk Al Bahar is far less crowded and offers a more pleasant viewing experience. Spectators coming from the Dubai Mall will need to set off around 20 minutes before the performance begins to avoid the crowds at the Dubai Mall exit and the Souk Al Bahar Bridge.

For a really fantastic view, book a table or arrive early at one of the restaurants with outdoor seating areas overlooking the lake and fountain. Restaurants with good views at the Dubai Mall include Five Guys, TGI Fridays, Wafi Gourmet – an Lebanese restaurant, Carluccio’s Italian restaurant , Joe’s Café, Madeleine – French Restaurant , and Burj Al Hamam – Lebanese Restaurant.

Several restaurants at Souk Al Bahar also offer fantastic views, Dean & Deluca Café, Baker & Spice, Rivington Grill,, Urbano Italian,, Margaux Restaurant (French), Mango Tree (Thai), and Bice Mare (Italian). The Rivington Grill, Margaux, Mango Tree, and Bice Mare serve alcohol.

Singapore food

In Singapore you are like in a mall of foods from everywhere, there is Chinese, Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Philippines, Japanese, European and mere, be sure they have it all!

The diversity of food is mind blowing at good quality and prices are decent but not cheep. Singapore is a place where you can relay discover flavors of Asian food in a safe mode 🙂

Some of Singapore delicacies include Satay, Roti Prata a sort of Indian pizza, Fried Kway Tiao – fried black noodles served with cockles, Hokkien Noodles – seafood noodle, Hainanese Chicken Rice,  Ice Kachang a flavoured ice with ingredients like red bean and jelly, Chendol a coconut based dessert, Grass Jelly a refreshing black jelly and Tao Suan, bean in sticky paste, topped by fried dough.

So when you visit come hungry and get prepared to get back with some extra pounds.

Fave a look at this pictures to get a flavor!

Singapore by night

Singapore is a city whit two faces, the day and the night.

If you are in Singapore you have to go out at night and experience the city, it will be totally different then what you see by day light.

Marina Bay is a good place to start as you go to the Sands terrace to have an overview of the city from the rooftop some 60 floors up, from there you can see Singapore in all directions.

Clarke Quay is the party hub of Singapore with dazzling lights, beautiful people and buzzing nightclubs and pubs along the Singapore River.

Surf the bars in the area like Bamboo Bar at The Forbidden City, Lunar Asian Fusion Bar or Bar Opiume at the Empress Place, Canvas and more.


Fuji – Q Japan

Fuji – Q Japan largest theme park

Fuji – Q is the largest theme park in Japan with about 40 different attractions, there’s something for everyone, from thrilling roller coasters for the brave to theme park rides that families can enjoy. One day free pass is 7800Y and two days will set you back 9300Y

To get to Fuji Q from Tokyo you have to take a bus for about 2 hours and you can get to attraction in one trip, see the beautiful Mt. Fuji and have grate fun at Fuji Q. Ticket will cost you 7800Y / person per trip.

From the park if weather permits you have beautiful views of Mt.Fuji as you can see in my pictures below.

Sri Lanka land of tea, spices and elephants

srilanka-evrycountrytripSri Lanka land of tea, spices and elephants

It will be a surprise to you that Sri Lanka is a clean, green and friendly  with tourists country.

World famous for tea and spices also know as Ceylon, Sri Lanka is a country offering lots of good nature and places to see for the ocean to the green tea plantations on the mountains to the safary and elephants orphanage.

My rating for it are: Safety **** Cleanness *** Costs ** Transport ***