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Singapore you’re hub to Asia

Turing SW Asia you will most likely stop several times in this amazing city. I love to spend couple of days here whenever opportunity arises.

Incredible tasty and diverse food from all over Asia, Brands shopping, good night life and lots of things to see and do.

Out of season decent 3-4 stars hotels will cost you some 50 USD and 5 star will set u back some 100 or more as a base line. Don’t be worried about distance as long the place is near a metro station. Chinatown is a grate place for affordable but central hotels.

From airport to the center metro is easy, fast and very cheap at only 2.5 $/trip so don’t hesitate.

Eating like a local in Hawker Centers or low cost restaurants will cost you some 6 -12 $ compare to 25-40$ or more in the touristic places.

Alcohol is very expensive in Singapore a beer is 7-12 $ and a cocktail or glass of wine is some 12-20$

From Singapore you can find lots of great deals for flights to SW Asia and Australia.

Have e look at the photos below to get a flavor

Singapore by night

Singapore is a city whit two faces, the day and the night.

If you are in Singapore you have to go out at night and experience the city, it will be totally different then what you see by day light.

Marina Bay is a good place to start as you go to the Sands terrace to have an overview of the city from the rooftop some 60 floors up, from there you can see Singapore in all directions.

Clarke Quay is the party hub of Singapore with dazzling lights, beautiful people and buzzing nightclubs and pubs along the Singapore River.

Surf the bars in the area like Bamboo Bar at The Forbidden City, Lunar Asian Fusion Bar or Bar Opiume at the Empress Place, Canvas and more.