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Sanahin and Haghpat, Armenia

Sanahin is one of the most important historic sites in Armania, its name literally translates from Armenian as “this one is older than that one”, presumably representing a claim to having an older monastery than the neighbouring Haghpat Monastery. The two villages Sanahin and Haghpat and their monasteries are similar in many ways, and lie in plain view of each other on a dissected plateau formation, separated by a canion formed by a small river flowing into the Debed river. The 10th century monasteries are included in the UNESCO World Heritage

The complex belongs to the Armenian Apostolic Church


Haghpat is the village across the canion in the Lori Province of Armenia, located near the city of Alaverdi and the state border with Georgia. It is notable for Haghpat Monastery, a religious complex founded in the 10th century and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List along with monasteries in nearby Sanahin the one above.