Timisoara is nice for a city break or more!

Timisoara is nice for a city brake or more!

Timisoara is one of the best city’s to visit in Romania, easy accessible by low cost flights from many European country’s ( Italy, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Belgium ) the city is going to be the European capital of culture in 2021.

The city is vivid and full of young beautiful people as Timisoara si one of the major university hubs of Romania. There are lost of small accessible hotels and hostel and food in student places is very cheep at some 4-6 euro/person.

Extravagant night life in the student clubs and bars with alcohol at 1/6 of the price in most other European city’s is a big plus. A beer is in most places some 1.5 Euro and a cocktail some 3 euro.

Walking is the best option to explore the city as the center is not that big and if needed taxis will set you back only 3-4 euro / trip

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