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Haiti a place with a story to tell!

The place today si a sad story never the least one that is worth discovering.

Haiti was the first independent nation in Latin America from 1804 where taking advantage of the France revolution they manage to abolish slavery and declare independence.

From that era they inherited a impressing fortress outside the Cap Haitien named Citadelle Laferrière together with an impressive arsenal of canons.

The country is today the poorest in the Northern hemisphere and one of the purest in the world.

The city’s are very dirty and most modern facilities don’t exist, the very few hotels and restaurants that maybe safe for a traveler are rare and very expensive.

Security is an important issue for backpacks or individual travelers and is not recommended.

For a good 3 star hotel expect to pay about 200 USD the currency of choice in Haiti.

A decent lunch in a safe restaurant is 15-20 USD per person and renting a car with a driver 100-200 USD a day.

If you want to have a safe trip and good guide and services you can contact Christina Blot a native Haitian, she has a small travel agency in Dominicana Republic and is a specialist in Haitian trips. Her mobile is +1 829 943 3424 available on WhatsApp to.

Macedonia & Skopje ( FYROM )

Macedonia & Skopje,

Macedonia is probably the most exotic and poor place in Europe, a landlocked small Balkan nation of mountains, lakes and ancient towns with Islamic, ottoman and European architecture.

The capital of Macedonia is Skopje, is known for its sprawling Old Bazaar quarter and historic buildings turned museums, including the National Gallery of Macedonia, housed in a 15th-century Turkish bath complex. The southern city Ohrid, on a lake of the same name, has a medieval townscape and a recently restored hilltop castle.

The place feels more like middle east because of Islamic influence that is present at every step, the traditional food is of oriental origin too.

The country is safe to visit but is not a touristic destination however once there is quite a lot to see and since the country is not so big is easy to do everything in 2-3 days. Accommodation options are abundant and for all budgets, local food is cheep and testy, you will spend some 50 Euro a day for mid range accommodation and food.

Best to visit as part of your Balkan car tour ( Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia)

Safety: Good

Cost: Medium Low

ATM coverage: Good

Currency exchange: YES

Local transportation: Decent

Hotels: Good

Mobile networks / WiFi: Good

Roads: Good

International transport: Decent

People attitude to tourists: Decent


Here are some pictures from my trip:

Dubrovnik the gem

Dubrovnik is the gem of Croatia, a medieval city incredibly well preserved on the Adriatic Sea coast. Dubrovnik is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea,  the city looks and feels just like 1000 years a go and probably only shops and people change.

Being a important touristic hot spot expect crowded places and congestion when arriving and on the narrow streets and at must see places, siting at restaurants can be hard to find at lunch and diner time.

If you come by car from other city you will have to park outside old town, parking may be full if you arrive late in season so expect to walls 1-2 km from parking place. Summer is very hot in Croatia and more in Dubrovnik so be prepared for 35 C or more.

There are many beautiful small streets and corners in Dubrovnik and finding them is a adventure, fells like a labyrinth so a map and knowing what you want to see can save you lost of time and make the visit more enjoyable.

Have a look at this pictures to get a favor of Dubrovnik.

Timisoara is nice for a city break or more!

Timisoara is nice for a city brake or more!

Timisoara is one of the best city’s to visit in Romania, easy accessible by low cost flights from many European country’s ( Italy, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Belgium ) the city is going to be the European capital of culture in 2021.

The city is vivid and full of young beautiful people as Timisoara si one of the major university hubs of Romania. There are lost of small accessible hotels and hostel and food in student places is very cheep at some 4-6 euro/person.

Extravagant night life in the student clubs and bars with alcohol at 1/6 of the price in most other European city’s is a big plus. A beer is in most places some 1.5 Euro and a cocktail some 3 euro.

Walking is the best option to explore the city as the center is not that big and if needed taxis will set you back only 3-4 euro / trip