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Albania one of the very few exotic parts of Europe

Albania is one of the very few exotic parts of Europe, now safe and fast developing is a place where you can see the transition from communism to capitalism at the midway.

You can reach Albania by car/bus from Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo or Montenegro and by plane, now days low cost flights available from Italy , Greece and Turkey.

The cites of Albania don’t have much to offer but the mountain region and the seaside is definitely wort a tour. The only historic buildings worth mentioning for a traveler are the famous bunkers from communist time that you can see everywhere, apparently Albania spend most of its resources in communist times building lots of bunkers to prevent a invasion from capitalist countries.

Albania is one of the cheapest places in Europe so you can get by decently with some 20-30 euros a day if you stick to small hotels and b&b’s and eat like locals. High-end hotels and restaurants are expensive for what they offer.

If your on a fast track you can see Tirana, the mountains region and the sea side in 4 days or as part of a tour of Balkans ( Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia).

Here are some pictures from my trip:


Famous word wide for its football team Barcelona is also one of the most touristic city in Spain and in Europe, here you will find the unique architecture of Antoni Gaudí and excellent Spanish food.

Barcelona is very tourist friendly and well connected to the world and Europe by plane, train and road so if you get the opportunity don’t hesitate to stop for a long weekend or as part of your European tour.

Like all European touristic city’s you will need a daily budget of minimum 50 Euro to get by and enjoy your trip since accommodation is quite expensive, there are hotels in Barcelona for every budget and taste.

Food in Barcelona is grate and not very expensive once you are out of the touristic spots, delicious seafood and traditional Spanish tapas everywhere at decent prices.

Pisa and its leaning tower


The Pisa Leaning Tower


Pisa is a smal city in North West Italy world famous for its spectacular inclined medieval tower.

The tower is part of a complex of medieval religious buildings of similar age.

The city is a must on Italy list and can be a day stop of your Toscana tour.

Visiting the Pisa Tower requires a ticket of 18 Euro (2017) + 6 Euro for each additional monument in the complex if you want to visit them to.

Buying the tickets online is highly recommended since tikets are based on time slots and waiting time can be half day if you buy the tickets onsite.

If you visit Pisa by car parking near the Pisa Tower is 2 Euro/h.