Albania one of the very few exotic parts of Europe

Albania is one of the very few exotic parts of Europe, now safe and fast developing is a place where you can see the transition from communism to capitalism at the midway.

You can reach Albania by car/bus from Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo or Montenegro and by plane, now days low cost flights available from Italy , Greece and Turkey.

The cites of Albania don’t have much to offer but the mountain region and the seaside is definitely wort a tour. The only historic buildings worth mentioning for a traveler are the famous bunkers from communist time that you can see everywhere, apparently Albania spend most of its resources in communist times building lots of bunkers to prevent a invasion from capitalist countries.

Albania is one of the cheapest places in Europe so you can get by decently with some 20-30 euros a day if you stick to small hotels and b&b’s and eat like locals. High-end hotels and restaurants are expensive for what they offer.

If your on a fast track you can see Tirana, the mountains region and the sea side in 4 days or as part of a tour of Balkans ( Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia).

Here are some pictures from my trip:

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